2020 Marketing Vision

All advisors want the same thing – leads. But, not everyone has the same method for achieving that goal. The benefit of working so closely with our clients is that we can learn how each of our advisors is different from one another in terms of best practices, market, and personality. This means that we can tailor marketing tools to fit them. We recently enjoyed creating a 2020 calendar for one of our clients out of a series of holiday themed pictures featuring the main advisor photoshopped into some unlikely places.

The calendar cover features our advisor’s head on Mount Rushmore, with the text “let’s carve into your financial future together.” Each month features a themed image, such as our advisor’s head on the body of cupid for Valentine’s day, and his head on the Easter Bunny with the text “Easter is the only time of year when it’s safe to put all your eggs in one basket.”

creative marketing ideas

This project started over a year ago when the advisor asked us to create holiday-themed emails with funny images. Whereas some advisors prefer to promote their advisory rather than themselves, this advisor likes being the face of his brand. There are always images of him in his weekly emails, Facebook posts, and even a cartoon image of him as a drill sergeant on his weekly market report. These are clever, memorable, and consistent across his website, email, and Social media. To create the calendar, we took all of the holiday images, selected a theme for each month, and resized higher resolutions versions of the pictures. From there, we worked with a mail house to print and distribute the calendars.

The calendar is fun as well as functional: We included important financial dates such as tax due dates, the Medicare Open Enrollment period, and retirement account contribution deadlines. These important dates are also on a dedicated “Important Birthdays” page on the advisor’s site. Someone else could have created a bland “financial calendar” with stock photos of money, graphs, and reminders to file taxes, but it would be generic and undesirable.

As one of our other clients says, sometimes people are afraid to come in and talk about “scary money stuff.” These whimsical images work to quell some of those fears and create the impression of friendliness and approachability. They also establish the advisor’s face as part of a personalized and recognizable brand. This approach suited our advisor’s personality and brand, and our unique business model allowed us to personalize all of these marketing materials for him. If you’d like to learn more about how we can personalize your marketing approach, get in touch!