Don’t be next. If you have submit forms or a client log-in area on your website, you may be at risk. The last thing you want to do is call your clients to tell them their information was hacked. At Lone Beacon Media, we help our clients secure their websites and key data.
According to recent WordPress reports, the number of websites attacked each day during the last month was almost double the normal activity. The majority were “brute force” attacks, which is when someone tires to guess the username and password to sign into your WordPress website. The reports also indicate a spike in unique IP addresses as the source of the attacks. On average, there are 13,000 unique IP’s attacking each day, but that number spiked to over 30,000 during the last month.
After uncovering that 74% of advisors have been the target of a cyberattack, the SEC has listed cybersecurity as a top priority moving forward. FINRA has also identified cybersecurity as a technology management issue, and are now reviewing advisory firms’ approach to cybersecurity risk management. Who’s keeping your site secure?
While any site has the potential to be hacked, there are ways to protect yourself. Here are 4-ways we help our clients take precautions to safeguard their firm from viruses and cybersecurity threats:
   (1) 24/7 Client Services Support
  • We actively monitor your information and software to detect upgrades, suspicious activity, and outages
   (2) On-Site Security
  • We utilize high-tech firewalls, anti-malware software, and real-time alerts of hack attempts or malicious files
   (3) Ongoing Maintenance
  • We manage software, CMS, and plugin updates daily, and perform 3-weeks of rolling backups
   (4) Operation of Dedicated Servers
  • Our service addresses security and compliance requirements, and enhances speed and performance
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