Details matter and at Lone Beacon Media, we sweat the small stuff to deliver big results. So here are 3 actionable and measurable marketing steps you can take to increase your firm’s bottom line.

1) Identify Behavior Patterns of Your “Top” Clients

According to a 2016 Investment News study, 54% of financial advisors missed their revenue growth target set for 2015. They might have achieved those goals if they studied their current clients. By identifying the common traits your clients share, you’ll be able to create a more complete ideal customer profile. Imagine you’re getting ready to send out your next wave of direct mailers for an upcoming event…Then you look through your “top” client data and find that an overwhelming majority of them prefer to be contacted via email. This one small detail could dramatically reduce your expenses and improve your marketing ROI.

2) Capture Leads From Your Website

The same study also indicated that 28% of advisory firms are actively capturing leads on their websites. Incredibly that means that over 70% of advisors are not effectively competing for leads online. What a terrific opportunity for those advisors who embrace the realities of our digital world. Your website is at the epicenter of your entire marketing strategy and can capture leads while you sleep. It takes less than two-tenths of a second for a visitor to form an opinion of you based on your site, so make sure you are sending the right message through good design and smart ergonomics. Your website also captures a treasure trove of information about the visitors to your site. You can learn how many people visit, when and what pages they visited, how much time they spend on your site, and where they live. In the end, it’s about being in a competitive position to close your fair share of business. Lone Beacon Media can show you how to make your website one of your best appointment setting tools.

3) Communicate and Engage

We also learned from this study that 62% of advisory firms are not even tracking their leads. Lead source tracking plays a major role in not only finding more of your desired prospects, but also in creating more efficient marketing campaigns. There is a natural buying cycle that a prospect will go through when making a decision on a financial advisor, so nurturing them with thoughtful communication while they are in your funnel is crucial. When was the last time you posted a blog, or update to your social media? How often do you send out emails to your database? What new and original content have you pushed out recently online? If you’re not consistently communicating with the prospects in the middle of your funnel, you may be losing them to someone else.

If the demands of running your business are keeping you from growing it, maybe it’s time we talk. We are obsessive about growing your business and removing the barriers that stand in your way. Learn why so many independent advisors are leaving their organizations to come to Lone Beacon Media. Contact us today and we’ll share some of our success stories with you!