The Eye Lone Beacon

With data analysis potential far more advanced than human capabilities, artificial intelligence is changing the face of digital marketing. Utilizing A.I. can help save valuable time and resources through automation. It can help you understand your audience better, create more effective marketing, and ultimately increase ROI. With 2022 rapidly approaching, you should ask yourself: How can I use A.I. to help grow my business?

It’s not as daunting as it might sound. A.I. is results-driven and according to an article, one of the best ways to leverage this technology is in performance marketing, ensuring you focus your time and resources into advertising that shows measurable results. For example, it can analyze thousands of gigabytes of data of email marketing campaigns to help determine the right title, subject line, day and time to send, and more.

Lone Beacon utilizes A.I. in a number of ways, such as our Aidentified platform and prospect profiling, but one of the most comprehensive ways we use A.I. and advanced analytics for our advisors is our detailed monthly dashboard of client data we call “The Eye”.

The Eye allows us to pull specific insights and information from the various data sources we use, such as Facebook and Google Analytics, into an easy-to-digest dashboard that allows our clients to view all aspects of their marketing efforts for the previous month to learn from the results.

Data aggregation can empower advisors to make smarter business and marketing decisions, but only if it is used and understood correctly. A.I. is an important tool in analyzing and learning from this data and should be a part of any advisor’s advertising toolbox.