advisor tactics for production through email

Let everyone else “drip and nurture”, we take on a more aggressive approach with real results in mind when it comes to database marketing. We look at ourselves more like “savages” who use our expert knowledge of email marketing and first party data to dominate the financial advisor industry.

And we can prove it. Even average email statistics of our clients’ weekly newsletter outperform industry averages by nearly 2X (or more)! 

Financial Advisors Benchmark (source)                        Our Client Benchmarks

Open Rate – 15.12%                                                         Open Rate – 26.32%

Click-Through Rate – 10.95%                                           Click-Through Rate – 13.9%

Below are the 4 reasons why our emails perform at rates that shatter industry norms, which allows advisors to secure more appointments digitally and double their production year over year.

  1. Keep it Simple

Lead with a basic point and explain how will it make your readers life easier and/or more successful. People’s inboxes are inundated and the more complicated your message the less likely they will be to read it.  Make it easy for them to clearly understand your point and the benefit. This is also true when it comes to Calls-To-Action within an email.

No one “gets closed” reading an email, leave that for your sales team; emails for financial advisors are best used to get prospects to click and take the next step to set up a meeting. 

  1. Offer Meaningful Content

Give people a reason to open the emails with a specific item in mind.  Don’t try to answer “all of their questions at once”.  Be specific about what they will learn…and remember, you won’t “hit the mark” with everyone all the time and that’s okay. The content you publish needs to be something valuable to the reader; content written without purpose is read without interests, or more likely- ignored outright.

Give them exactly what they’re expecting…nothing more or nothing less.  This is true to get them to open an email, and even more important once they “click through” to more information.

  1. Your Email Needs To Be Designed For Mobile

 About 50% of all emails we send are viewed on mobile, across all of our clients. Don’t fool yourself into thinking your prospects and clients aren’t tech-savvy enough into read emails on their phone – that might have been true in 2012, but the Baby Boomer generation (and older generations too) become increasingly more and more tech savvy as time progresses.

If your emails make it hard for users to successfully click on the content they want, prospects will leave your newsletter in droves in frustration. As a rule of thumb, there should only be one unique call to action visible at a time on a phone screen – remember, keep it simple.

  1. Allow Your Prospects To Easily Show You They Are Interested

The goal of email marketing is to move prospects down the sales funnel as quickly as possible. Emails to prospects should include a clear and convenient call to action that lets them show you that they are interested in starting a sales conversation. Make it is easy as possible for them to reach out to you the second they decide they are ready.

If you make your prospects search for a webpage or contact form, there is a lot of time (and clicks) in there for one of your local competitor’s ads to distract or sway your prospect away.