Many companies take a macro view of Google Analytics: They may look at how many people visit their website, and maybe even how long they are staying on a particular page. While this type of information means something, most companies are not collecting and analyzing enough data points to best understand who is visiting their website and why.

Lone Beacon can help advisors get a granular view on what is and isn’t working for their firm through data and analytics. We use the vastness of the world wide web to take a sniper approach to finding specific and relevant data to better reach and better serve your audience that eventually leads to financial returns.

Instead of simply seeing how many clicks your website gets in a given week, there are many more important questions we seek to answer to gain better insights to your clients and prospects. What cities and towns are people coming to my website from? Once they’re on my website, what are they doing? What are they reading? Are they coming from Google, or some other source? Are they coming once or returning? Knowing this critical information not only helps you make better decisions, but allows you to have more meaningful, enlightening, and transparent dialogue with your clients and prospects.

With Lone Beacon, when leads come in, you get their name, phone number, email address to continue to market to them, their net investable assets, and more, depending on the opt-in questions on the form they fill out. This becomes first party data that you own and it’s extremely valuable because it is unique to you; it isn’t modeled data and lists that are purchased by multiple firms, including your competitors.

In addition to collecting and understanding these specific data points, Lone Beacon also scores visitors of your website and those in your database by assigning numeric values based on the actions they perform. Certain actions are weighted heavier than others. For example, downloading a guide earns a prospect more points than opening an email. The purpose of the scoring system is so that we and the advisor can recognize when someone becomes “highly engaged” and is ready for that final proposal – the sales pitch.

The difference between data collected from a typical website and what Lone Beacon is able to collect from your website to help you make informed marketing decisions that leads to actual revenue is tremendous. Get in touch with us today to learn how you can use better customer analytics to your advantage.