By Craig Foster, Lone Beacon’s Director of Digital Media.

If you are a financial advisor looking to convert clients by getting the best leads, ask yourself, “is LinkedIn the right place to look for highly qualified leads?” The answer to this question is often both yes and no. Yes, you should be running ads on LinkedIn; and no, you should not be running generic campaigns on LinkedIn.  

LinkedIn has some advantages that other platforms like Facebook, Google, Twitter, and others do not have. The advantage is that everyone on the platform has business information on their profile: the company they work for and what they do for that company. This data can be powerful information to use when developing a campaign. This is information that most people do not include on the other platforms which makes targeting either a company’s employees or people who have a specific role in a specific industry much harder.  

This is to say that there are bountiful opportunities to be had on the LinkedIn platform. But you need to have the right plan to take advantage of them. Our team takes a concerted approach by conducting market research to find the best opportunities to use the LinkedIn platform to implement targeted advertising. From this approach, we have developed successful campaigns for our financial advisory clients by taking advantage of this available information. 

For example, we developed a targeted campaign aimed at employees for one of the largest healthcare companies in California that had changed 401(k) providers, leaving employees looking for answers on how to handle their current retirement plans. We conducted a similar campaign for a large defense contractor to adjust their 401(k) offerings as well. We also developed a campaign that targeted employees of a retail company that had gotten rid of their pension, leaving its employees searching for a way to secure their retirement.  

This is just a handful of examples of campaigns that can utilize the data readily available from LinkedIn to conduct highly impactful advertising campaigns for financial advisories. 


About the Author: Craig comes to us after 7 years at an agency and working independently in digital marketing, focusing on digital campaign creation and strategy. He did most of his work solving data problems and coming up with data-driven solutions and strategies. Craig grew up in the Boston area and graduated with a BS in Business Administration from Johnson and Wales University. When not working on digital marketing you might find him coaching a CrossFit class or spending time with his daughter.