Developing a brand is one of the hardest and most introspective things any business can do. Brand recognition will be a key factor in the growth of your business for many years to come. One of the things we spend the most amount of time on with our clients is their brand. Whether you’ve been in business for 50 years or just starting out, defining what your brand stands for is vital. In the rush to put new shiny marketing objects in front of you, many marketing organizations ignore the most important thing, your brand. Before we make any recommendations on marketing and before you spend any money, we’ll spend time evaluating your brand.

 Communicating the unique qualities of your brand is how we begin to separate you from your competitors. So ask yourself this question, is your marketing organization focused on your brand, or on just inundating you with the same generic marketing programs they push out to all their advisors?

At Lone Beacon Media, we begin by asking lots of questions because our goal is to learn more about you, your employees, your brand, your clients, and ultimately your business. Then, and only then, can we begin the process of making your brand irrefutable. While it’s easier said than done, you cannot simply settle for the same brand identity as everyone else in the industry. It’s just not good enough to say things like: Service is our number-one priority, or we treat our clients like family, or you’re their trusted advisor. All of these generic tag lines are true and essential components to your business, however they don’t necessarily differentiate you versus your competitors…Rather they group you in among them.

Branding takes time and can be a tedious process, but it’s ultimately an investment in your business. As the person in charge, it’s important to be the brand evangelist and live it every day in the workplace. While it’s effective to “see it” in everything you do, actions will always speak louder than words, so be sure to live it and demonstrate examples of how your brand is irrefutable on a regular basis. The process of developing a brand is never-ending, so how can we help?

  • You know there’s not enough time in the day to get to everything, so we’ll help you identify certain limitations and ways to work within them.
  • You might understand your current competition, but we can help you position your brand uniquely against them and compete at a higher level.
  • You might have already identified your unique selling proposition, but we can help you define your value proposition and communicate your brand essence in everything that your firm does.

If you’re interested in learning why so many independent advisors are making the switch to  Lone Beacon Media, then contact us today and we’ll show you ways we can transform ordinary brands into unique and recognizable businesses.