Working remotely has its upsides, from less time spent traveling to greater flexibility when it comes to time management. However, remote work has downsides, especially for financial advisors. It’s so important for advisors to build trust with their clients, and in-person events and meetings do a lot to build that trust. In a time when only 13% of consumers ages 50 to 70 we surveyed[1] said their attitude towards attending a public gathering is unchanged since the pandemic, advisors must seek alternatives ways to building trust in a virtual world.

The Importance of Building Trust

The way advisors engage with their clients and prospects has changed, but the need for steadfast financial help has never been greater. We surveyed over 1,000 high-net-worth individuals ages 50 to 70 to find out what clients are looking for post-COVID-19. 63% said trustworthiness, making it by far the most popular answer. There has been study after study that shows people look for comfort and leadership during challenging times. With people sheltered in place, the most effective way to reach prospects and reopen lines of communication is through digital platforms such as email, written content, and video content.


A webinar offers a similar face-to-face, interactive experience as the traditional dinner seminar. Lone Beacon created the “Keep Calm and Retire On” webinar within days of the initial quarantines in March, and has recently completed a new webinar geared towards helping individuals prepare financially for uncertain tax environments in the future. It puts tax planning in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic by covering how market downturns could affect retirees‘ and near-retirees‘ tax burdens, and opportunities to take advantage of this year and in the future. This kind of timely, useful content engages prospects and clients and sends that message that advisors are engaged with them during a critical time.

The Importance of Video Content

We recently revamped our weekly radio content to make it more conducive to video content. By creating short video content featuring themselves and some visual elements, advisors can create a more intimate experience without demanding the time commitment of a full webinar. We’ve also helped some of our advisors create “university” platforms where they can offer short courses on a variety of retirement topics. This promotes them as trusted educators and offers the opportunity for prospects to “get to know them,” as much as is possible in today’s virtual world.

It’s more important than ever for advisors to be at the forefront of their clients’ and prospects’ minds. They can offer comfort and solutions in a time of uncertainty and turmoil without meeting every person in person. Being the voice and the face people hear and see on their personal screens can replace some of the sense of intimacy lost in the midst of social distancing. Get in touch to find out how Lone Beacon is responding to these times and preparing for the future of marketing.

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