Do You Have a Cybersecurity Plan?

The events of the last couple years have forced companies to look more towards digitizing than ever before, and perhaps more quickly than they had prepared for. While this trend towards digital has allowed for greater productivity, businesses need to have a cybersecurity plan in place to prepare for possible [...]

Our Best Practices for Website Security

Your website is your store front, the face you show to the world. Everyone thinks about how their site looks and what it says, but they might not think about the protocol for keeping it secure. But keeping a website secure is more complex than simply locking the door at [...]

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Cyberattacks Can Happen Anywhere, Anytime

74% of Financial Advisors have been the Target of a Cyberattack. Responsible advisors don’t roll the dice when it comes to protecting their clients from Cyberattacks… They use Lone Beacon! According to Forbes, there are 30,000 websites per day that show up distributing malicious code. It’s no surprise that the [...]

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Custom Marketing Program Drove How Many Leads?

Last Month, We Generated 43 Web Leads Worth an Estimated $30 Million of Net Investable Assets for 1 Advisor! How was your month? At Lone Beacon Media, our programs work better because we customize strategic marketing campaigns for each individual advisor. That's why our advisors capture and convert more qualified leads than their competitors. [...]

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