Shrink Your Playbook for More Effective Marketing

We see so many in the financial industry try to compete with "siloed" marketing tech. Without platforms and people working together, it gets expensive...and inefficient. Watch my 1-minute video to learn why it's important to consolidate your tech and shrink your marketing playbook.

Do You Know How Recent iOS Changes Will Affect Your Email Marketing?

Apple iOS 15 changes have been officially rolled out and have begun to effect all Apple devices using the Mail app. As such, scoring in the email marketing game has changed. Check out John Capuano's 1-minute video below to learn more.

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Big Changes to Email Marketing in iOS 15

By Marcus Roth, Senior Director of Data, Automation & Content The Problem and How The World Is Affected: Apple iOS 15 changes have been officially rolled out and have begun to effect all Apple devices using the Mail app. Since most Apple users utilize the Mail app to view their [...]

The End-to-End Support Many Advisories are Missing

By Mike Schaffman, Vice President of Sales & Marketing at Lone Beacon Advisors who can see the parallels that exist between the servicing of their clients and the sales and marketing engines that lift their overall business are primed for strategic growth. Why? Because the value clients see in a [...]

TCJ Episode 6: Ranking the Top 5 Hottest Leads for Advisors – Referrals

Over the course of the coming weeks, Mike & Greg will be ranking their top 5 hottest types of prospect leads that advisors receive, and how specific marketing strategies built around each one can generate more revenue. When it comes to referral prospects, there's really no hotter lead for an [...]

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TCJ: The Customer Journey – Episode 3 – The Live Event Marketing Ecosystem

The new era of event lead aggregation is here. Despite unprecedented technological advancements, many advisories use the exact same process from decades ago when marketing their live events with a heavy reliance on direct mail. Watch the latest TCJ episode to see Greg and Mike’s take on applying digital to [...]

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TCJ: The Customer Journey – Episode 2 – Database Gold Mining

Just about anyone can click the send button and get an email out to their database. But is it thoughtful, original, and engaging content? Is every behavior along the customer journey being tracked and scored in real-time? Watch Lone Beacon’s newest TCJ (The Customer Journey) episode as Greg Dinetz and [...]

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The Curious Case of Facebook Leads and Email Nurturing for Advisors

One of the more interesting takeaways Lone Beacon has discovered through our data science initiatives is the way Facebook leads act after opting into a form. The technology we use for our clients allow us to monitor the interest levels of prospects and clients by tracking their online actions and [...]

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  • advisor tactics for production through email

Learn How Advisors Are Doubling Their Production Every Year Through These 4 Powerful Email Newsletter Tactics

Let everyone else “drip and nurture”, we take on a more aggressive approach with real results in mind when it comes to database marketing. We look at ourselves more like “savages” who use our expert knowledge of email marketing and first party data to dominate the financial advisor industry. And we [...]

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Success Story: Email Marketing

LONE BEACON EMAILS BREAK THROUGH INBOX CLUTTER In 2020, we delivered 4 Million emails for our clients. ▪ LB Drove 13K Total Form Submissions on-site ▪ Total Guide Downloads= 5,363 ▪ Total Webinar/Event Registrations= 6,141 ▪ Total Meeting Requests= 2,061 ▪ Total Newsletter Signups= 950 On average, our clients emails [...]

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