TCJ: The Customer Journey – Episode 2 – Database Gold Mining Just about anyone can click the send button and get an email out to their database. But is it thoughtful, original, and engaging content? Is every behavior along the customer journey being tracked and scored in real-time? Watch Lone Beacon’s newest TCJ (The Customer Journey) episode as Greg Dinetz [...]

Are You Turning Your Data Into Revenue?

Many companies take a macro view of Google Analytics: They may look at how many people visit their website, and maybe even how long they are staying on a particular page. While this type of information means something, most companies are not collecting and analyzing enough data points to best [...]

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First Party Data: Get in the Game!

At Lone Beacon, we’re in the business of first party data. We help manufacture and nurture databases filled with first party data for our most successful advisors and institutions. Check out John Capuano's latest video below to learn more about what first party data is, how to get it and [...]

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