10 Steps to Take Before Your Next Retirement Event

Event leads are a critical part of any financial advisor or institution’s external marketing initiatives, and among the most popular ways to get eyeball-to-eyeball with prospects to show them your expertise and convince them to do business with you. We’ve discussed why event leads are some of the hottest leads [...]

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Shrink Your Playbook for More Effective Marketing

We see so many in the financial industry try to compete with "siloed" marketing tech. Without platforms and people working together, it gets expensive...and inefficient. Watch my 1-minute video to learn why it's important to consolidate your tech and shrink your marketing playbook.

Is Texting Part of Your Marketing Playbook?

Savvy business owners and organizations understand the importance of text marketing to engage their customers and build brand awareness. It’s no secret that people are almost always attached to their phones, even the 50+ demographic. According to Pew Research, 97% of U.S. adults say they own a cellphone1. Additionally, data [...]

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TCJ Episode 7: Ranking the Top 5 Hottest Leads for Advisors – Live Events

Over the course of the coming weeks, Mike & Greg will continue ranking their top 5 hottest types of prospect leads that advisors receive, and how specific marketing strategies built around each one can generate more revenue. Event leads are a critical part of any financial advisor or institution's external [...]

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The New Era of Event Lead Aggregation

Dinner seminars and workshops have been a staple of the financial world to attract new clients for ages, and while the global pandemic may have caused some disruptions, forward thinking financial advisors and institutions changed the way they marketed them, focusing more on digital marketing instead of solely relying on [...]

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TCJ: The Customer Journey – Episode 5 – Most At-Risk Advisors

Establishing a successful customer journey requires multiple marketing elements. Financial advisors and professionals are most “at-risk” when they have a singular marketing plan. When the pandemic hit, some advisors who were solely reliant on live event marketing and had no digital strategy faced serious issues. Advisors need diversification [...]

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TCJ: The Customer Journey – Episode 3 – The Live Event Marketing Ecosystem

The new era of event lead aggregation is here. Despite unprecedented technological advancements, many advisories use the exact same process from decades ago when marketing their live events with a heavy reliance on direct mail. Watch the latest TCJ episode to see Greg and Mike’s take on applying [...]

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