Tips to Improve Your Social Media Presence

Having an up-to-date and robust social media presence is an inexpensive and effective way for advisors and institutions to boost their visibility to potential customers and existing clients who may not know who you are or what your business is all about. It is an important element in the 21st [...]

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The Curious Case of Facebook Leads and Email Nurturing for Advisors

One of the more interesting takeaways Lone Beacon has discovered through our data science initiatives is the way Facebook leads act after opting into a form. The technology we use for our clients allow us to monitor the interest levels of prospects and clients by tracking their online actions and [...]

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Immersion to Conversion Webinar

Immersion to Conversion Webinar: How Elite Advisors Generate & Close Digital Business As industry leading experts, Lone Beacon helps elite financial advisors across across the country grow their business with proven marketing strategies focused on the various touchpoints of a prospects journey to becoming a [...]

Our Tips for Advertising on Facebook

There’s a reason why over 6 million businesses use Facebook ads to reach their target audiences,[1] but there aren’t many companies figuring out the art and science of using the platform within your vertical to reach the 50+ demographic. We actively study the Facebook advertising landscape, analyze our results, and [...]

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Financial Advisor Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing Build Your Reputation, Educate, Entertain Whether you know it or not, YOU are in the digital business. Digital platforms connect everything you do every day, and it’s how your prospects communicate, learn, get entertained, and make decisions. Elite advisories incorporating digital into every single thing [...]

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Increase Your Leads Without Increasing Your Budget Via Facebook

Apr 27, 2018 By John Capuano and Stephanie Sjoblom As the digital landscape forces traditional media consumption habits to change, it’s more important than ever to employ a “media mix.” Since radio is so routinely used among financial advisors, we want to illustrate how the use of Facebook in concert [...]

Infographic: Generate Lead Via Facebook

It’s no secret that Facebook holds great potential to efficiently deliver leads to advisors. Our Facebook platform has generated remarkable leads for our advisors, while branding their firms to a high-net-worth audience. How do we do it? Hard work, a smart digital team, and NO fluff. Find out what makes [...]

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