Generation X – The Forgotten Generation Financial Advisors Should Remember

  Image by on Freepik By Craig Foster, Lone Beacon's Director of Digital Media. Generation X (Gen X) to many people is the forgotten generation that falls between the Baby Boomers and Millennials. But this is a generation that is now entering the prime years for retirement [...]

Who Says Financial Advisories Can’t Be on the Cutting Edge of Digital Marketing?

  By Craig Foster, Lone Beacon's Director of Digital Media. On October 7th, 2022, Lone Beacon was informed by Meta (formerly Facebook) that we had become one of the first to earn its Meta Certified Company qualification. As Meta stated in the email, “we are so excited to recognize your [...]

Do You Truly Understand Your User?

“If you have to explain the joke, it’s not funny.” Written By: Kirby Mack, Vice President of Digital Media at Lone Beacon  If you did a Google search right now for “Do’s and Don’ts of Website Design,” the first page results would give you a combined total of over [...]

The Missing Link to Sales Success for Your Financial Advisory Firm

  Written By: Mike Schaffman, Vice President of Sales & Marketing at Lone Beacon  Believe it or not, one of the most important roles for your business is the Sales Manager. An air-tight sales infrastructure empowers financial advisory firms to grow. Whether your brand has been in business for 10 [...]

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Why YouTube is Your Answer to Connecting with New Clients

By Craig Foster, Lone Beacon's Director of Digital Media. A little while back the Pew Research Center put out a survey that looked at the usage of different social media platforms. This survey looked at usage of YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and other social media platforms. When our team examined [...]

Utilizing a CRM Program to Maximize Your Business

By Diana Salvucci, Lone Beacon's Vice President of Operations. The Rolodex – a familiar but antiquated means of keeping track of your contacts’ information.  It’s not very often we see a Rolodex on a desk today, and there are reasons for that.  With the option for evolving technologies and digital [...]

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The Facts About Real World Marketing for the Financial Advisory in the 21st Century

Hint...We live in a digital age Attention financial industry: It’s time to invest in your own future. You might have noticed that every one of your prospects and clients are glued to a smartphone. So, why is the industry who wants people to invest “for the long-term” so quick to [...]

New Podcast Interview: Your Marketing Must Go Digital – With Greg Dinetz

Lone Beacon Co-Founder Greg Dinetz was recently featured on the informational financial podcast, That Annuity Show. Hosted by Nassau Financial Group CMO Paul Tyler and Founder & CEO Ramsey Smith, That Annuity Show discusses a wide range of topics related to the financial advisory space, including how annuities can help [...]

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