Advisors Talk “Process”, Clients Want Outcome

Market your outcome, not your process. Every financial advisory firm is trained to “lead with their MULTI-STEP PROCESS” when they are talking to a new prospect. The reality is that most prospects want to hear about the OUTCOME and what that outcome means for them. The two biggest variables that [...]

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The Pareto Principle: What Is It & How Can You Apply It to Grow Your Business?

The Pareto Principle, also commonly called the 80/20 Rule, states that about 80% of outcomes come from 20% of causes. While this principle can be helpful in prioritizing high-impact tasks and can help increase your productivity, it can also help you grow your business by identifying your best clients and [...]

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What’s A Business Without Its People?

Workplace happiness can be a tricky thing to achieve, never mind quantify. There are 3 questions managers should be asking their employees regularly to gauge their job satisfaction.

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Learn How Our Longest Standing Client Established One of the Most Successful Firms in the U.S.

Lone Beacon is proud to announce that one of our longest advisor relationships, SHP Financial, was featured on Michael Kitces's Financial Advisor Success Podcast. During the show, Derek Gregoire, Co-Founder of SHP Financial, discusses the centralized execution of multiple marketing strategies. The Lone Beacon and SHP Financial partnership has helped [...]

Lessons From the Masters

It's nearly unheard of to walk out onto Augusta National and be competitive the first time out. It usually takes plenty of rounds and frustrations to even make the cut, much less be a contender. It's the same in business: The more experience you have being around the "final group", [...]

Instilling Confidence in a Time of Uncertainty

While uncertainty over foreign and domestic threats can create panic among consumers, they can also bring opportunities to those who can offer information and guidance to a nervous public. Just as we have begun to see the light at the end of the tunnel concerning the pandemic, the escalating war [...]

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Home Alone!

As the mask mandates are being lifted, our attitudes toward a virtual work environment are likely here to stay. It's time to find the work/life/culture balance. Check out John Capuano's quick video below to learn about Lone Beacon's approach to the new normal of working from home.

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Do You Have a Cybersecurity Plan?

The events of the last couple years have forced companies to look more towards digitizing than ever before, and perhaps more quickly than they had prepared for. While this trend towards digital has allowed for greater productivity, businesses need to have a cybersecurity plan in place to prepare for possible [...]

Building A Working Culture That Works

Finding and retaining good people will always be our single highest priority, and our proudest accomplishment. Good PEOPLE can be inspired to be great business people, and inspire those around them.

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What Sets You Apart From the Pack?

It’s not easy for a financial advisory or institution to separate themselves from the pack. They have similar goals and offerings, and all share the same stock how do they compete in such a homogenized space? Check out John Capuano's 1-minute video and he'll tell you how we help [...]

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