Last Month, We Generated 43 Web Leads Worth an Estimated $30 Million of Net Investable Assets for 1 Advisor! How was your month?

At Lone Beacon Media, our programs work better because we customize strategic marketing campaigns for each individual advisor. That’s why our advisors capture and convert more qualified leads than their competitors.

We also coach our advisors on how to implement the best practices of a professional sales organization. One of the most important lessons we teach them is how to properly use timing to their benefit. Did you know the odds of contacting a lead decrease by 100 times if called in 30 minutes, versus 5 minutes? That’s why we constantly communicate with our advisors and monitor their campaigns on both the front and back ends. We create automatic notification features to alert the appropriate personnel that a lead came in, and needs to be followed up with promptly.

Click HERE to request the Full Breakdown of our Campaigns that Generated 30 Million Dollar’s Worth of New Leads Last Month for 1 Advisor!

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