74% of Financial Advisors have been the Target of a Cyberattack. Responsible advisors don’t roll the dice when it comes to protecting their clients from Cyberattacks… They use Lone Beacon!

According to Forbes, there are 30,000 websites per day that show up distributing malicious code. It’s no surprise that the average website shows 12 failed login attempts per hour. Are you and your clients at risk of a Cyberattack? Here’s what you need to know:

41% of Websites Get Hacked through Vulnerabilities in their Hosting Platform

We Perform Routine Scans for Malware, and Backup All Information Daily to Our Secure Servers.

29% are Hacked because of an Insecure Web Template

Our Themes are Top of the Line, Routinely Tested, and Secured with Our Dedicated Servers.

22% are Hacked because of Vulnerable Plugins

Our Plugins are Checked Daily, and Updated Immediately After Available.

16% are Hacked as a Result of a Brute Force Attack

We Limit Login Attempts and Receive Real-Time Alerts of Any Hack Attempts, Logins, or Malicious Files.

8% are Hacked because of Weak Passwords

Our Strategy Focuses on Frequent Password Changes, Avoiding Using the Admin as the Username, and Grant Limited Access Across Your Backend.

If your site is not being updated and monitored daily, you may miss an attack on your site. If your hosting provider finds that your site has been compromised, then they will immediately shut your site down. In regard to getting hacked, or having a virus on your site… Finding and fixing the problem is hard work alone. However, not as hard as winning back your client’s (and prospects) trust, or simply getting your site off spam blacklists.

We know right away when an unauthorized person tries to login to your website, who they are, and what they are doing. The procedures we have in place for our advisors allows us to immediately thwart any Cyberattack. CLICK HERE to request your free website security review!