Does your FMO suggest using a cookie-cutter radio show and tell you to use guests like Peter Frampton and Carrie Underwood because they will deliver leads?  No one ever took financial advice from a Grammy winner, so why fill precious time on your show with wasted content?

We’ve produced over one billion dollars of leads in the past 12-months, and can prove it! It may be time for you to consider connecting with Lone Beacon where we will customize content and radio shows so your firm can capture qualified leads in just days. When it comes to marketing, don’t take advice from insurance salesmen; get it from proven broadcasting and digital marketing experts who are dedicated solely to your needs. If you work with Lone Beacon, we will provide you with:

    • World Class Production
    • Digital Strategies that Capture Broadcast Leads
    • Custom Marketing Materials for Direct Response Campaigns
    • Consistent Communication with your Database

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