What does Lone Beacon do?

Lone Beacon connects 50+ high-net-worth individuals and families with elite financial advisors across the country. Through integrated content, broadcast, website, email and digital marketing strategies they deliver quantum growth to the financial industry.

Who owns Lone Beacon?

John Capuano and Greg Dinetz are co-owners of Lone Beacon. They met one another 30+ years ago working at WOR radio in New York City, went on to manage and own large broadcast entities, and came together in 2012 to provide a solution for the silo-based marketing industry within the financial sector.

How much does Lone Beacon cost?

Lone Beacon is a full-service sales, marketing, advertising, and practice management firm with packages for website hosting and maintenance starting at $250 per month, up to complete monthly retainer options at $20,000 per month for advisory offices. Institutional rates are based on size and scope of work.

Where is Lone Beacon located?

Lone Beacon’s corporate office is located in downtown Boston, Massachusetts with additional offices across the country including Florida, South Carolina, Colorado, and California.

Why is a SWOT Analysis important for financial advisors?

Evaluating a financial advisor’s Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats allows them to better define their brand and competitive advantage while identifying actionable strategies that can dramatically impact their bottom-line revenue.

What is the marketing eye dashboard?

Lone Beacon’s comprehensive marketing dashboard, The Eye, is the first and only web-based reporting software that integrates all of an advisory’s marketing. The Eye allows Lone Beacon to mine and learn from data, resulting in better decisions that give advisors a competitive edge. Advisors can see key performance metrics and useful information like total submissions, most engaged leads, and cost per lead for each advertising platform.

How does Lone Beacon generate leads for its clients?

Lone Beacon generates leads through digital ad buying across Facebook, Google, and LinkedIn as well as through Radio and Television broadcast, as well as live events and online videos. Additionally, Lone Beacon leverages websites, SEO, content, and email marketing to help generate organic leads while also unearthing existing prospects for new business.

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How does Lone Beacon qualify leads?

Lone Beacon collects 1st party user data across submit forms, including net investable assets, to help qualify leads. With enhanced targeting capabilities and a mass of data, Lone Beacon can properly adjust campaigns to attract high-net-worth leads. Ultimately, the advisors are responsible for the qualification of leads during or before appointments, events, etc.

Is your content compliant?

While not a compliance entity in of itself, Lone Beacon works with partner RIA firms and third-party compliance consulting companies to help review and edit content before it gets distributed to advisors for their final approval.

Why do financial advisors need an online presence?

High-net-worth individuals nearing retirement age spend the majority of their media time online. They use the world wide web to help them make important buying decisions, and to stay connected with the world. It begins with a website that works.

Why is a responsive website important?

Responsive websites deliver a premier experience to the end user, especially so across the 50+ demographic. Additionally, properly optimized websites can deliver SEO value while generating leads for financial advisors.

How relevant is your content?

Lone Beacon creates relevant, educational and engaging content for financial advisors across the country. Taking a step beyond market-specific content, Lone Beacon writes about the core retirement topics such as Taxes, Social Security, Estate Planning, 401ks, and more in an easy to understand way for the 50+ demographic.

Should a financial advisor be on social media?

Yes, financial advisors have the ability to strengthen their brand and credibility by being on social media. Additionally, advisors can leverage social media ad platforms to increase impressions and drive traffic to their websites, while offering up useful content such as blogs, books and whitepapers and upcoming educational events or webinars.

What is a baby boomer?

The baby boomer generation is generally defined as people born from 1946 to 1964. Baby boomers and older Americans have spent decades growing their massive stockpile of wealth, and are often the least targeted demographic in marketing, especially within the financial industry.