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Digital Marketing

The first place people go when researching financial decisions is the web, especially among the higher-net-worth consumers. Your website is an extension of your firm and everything that it embodies. Moreover, it’s an opportunity to convert casual visitors into clients. That’s why we believe that it requires a conscious strategy to make your site “sticky” from a lead capture standpoint.

Step-one is getting a qualified prospect to your site, and step two is engaging them once they arrive. There are many moving parts to this equation and a missing link in the chain could be the difference between success and failure. We’ll use the data that your website analytics already tells us as a base point and build from there. It takes an understanding of the online behavior of the high-net-worth consumer, the financial industry itself, the nature of Direct Response, and then applying it all into strategic digital initiatives.

Finally, and most importantly, it requires plenty of nurturing and adjusting on an ongoing basis. It’s crucial to know that your website, and connecting with people on a digital platform is what will separate you from the competition and grow your revenue.


    • Optimize your site so that it stays relevant in the eyes of the search engines

Outbound Database Marketing

    • Purchase digital databases and deploy eBlast campaigns
    • Design and build compatible HTML eBlasts and landing pages

Inbound Marketing

    • Coordinate your current database and deploy emails to your current prospects and clients
    • Provide content for weekly updates and communication

Social Media Management and Advertising

    • Create branded Facebook and LinkedIn pages that link to site
    • Populate pages with content on weekly basis
    • Purchase and create ads optimized for lead capture

Web Hosting

    • Safeguard your firm and clients from viruses and cyber security threats
    • Maintain/update your site allowing for higher web traffic and enhanced security


    • Assist in producing and posting podcasts


    • Deliver monthly information on the productivity of your site
    • Analyze on-line behavior of your visitors

Today there are 82 million Baby Boomers aged 51 to 69 years old.
Studies show 87% use search engines and 81% research retirement online.
They spend 27 hours per week online – 2 hours more than millennials.

Here's What Our Clients Say

“Lone Beacon insight in regard to digital media marketing within the Financial Planning industry has been exactly what we needed to find success in our digital media marketing endeavors.”

Clayton Alexander
Director of Operations, New Millennium Group
Salt Lake City, UT

August 3, 2015

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