opening america

America’s grand reopening has begun, and this could not be a more welcome event for many business owners. Advisors may have been doing fine with video and phone meetings, but the opportunity to open the office is likely welcomed. Just as advisors must provide a sense of security and reliability when discussing finances, they should also make clear what safety precautions they are taking during this time. Lone Beacon has created communication materials that outline office safety procedures for email, website, and social media.

Communicate What You’re Doing to Protect Those Coming in for an Appointment

 In times of crisis, overcommunicate. Even when restaurants and shops are open, there will be a sizable portion of the population uncomfortable with putting themselves in situations where they could easily be less than 6 feet from someone. Those over 50 might be – and should be – more cautious, and so advisors should clearly communicate what they are doing to help ensure their offices are safe to visit. This means clearly stating safety measures, such as limiting the number of people in the office at one time, offering masks, and sanitizing meeting spaces.

Expectations for Clients and Prospects

 In addition to outlining the office’s safety practices, the email and website content specifies expectations for those coming in for appointments. These are in line with CDC recommendations, and include asking people to observe social distancing of six feet and to reschedule their appointment if they have experiences COVID-19 symptoms in the last 14 days. It also makes clear that clients and prospects still have the option to do a virtual meeting if they do not wish to come into the office.

Building Brand Awareness 

A recent survey found that 89% of people find it important that a brand is supporting its employees and customers during this crisis.[1] This is a perfect time for advisors to increase brand awareness with helpful content and by communicating their safety practices if they’ve re-opened their office. Lone Beacon’s campaign aims to reach a wide audience with this message, without a huge budget increase, by using an advisor’s expansive database, website traffic, and Facebook users through boosted posts. The goals are both immediate lead generation, and building long-term brand awareness. The same survey also found that content during the crisis could have long-lasting effects: 65% of people say that the brand’s response to this crisis will impact how likely they are to purchase from the brand.[2]

Rather than look at rules regarding reopening as obstacles, advisors can use them as an opportunity to communicate directly with those coming into their office about what they’re doing to protect them. These unusual times call upon all business owners to go above and beyond, and we want to help advisors showcase how they’re doing that. Get in touch with us to learn more!