Imagine you’re casually browsing a company’s website on your phone. You get an email, open it, and all of a sudden you’ve forgotten about that company’s products. You may not return to their website on your own, but you might when you see an ad for that company while browsing the internet again later. It’s a common experience, which is why Google ad remarketing is so effective. We’ve recently built out our marketing ecosystem to include Google ad remarketing, which works together with Facebook, email marketing, and quality websites to increase leads.

Building Out Our Marketing Ecosystem with Google Ads

Remarketing allows us to show ads to users who have already been to an advisor’s website to continue marketing to them and hopefully bring them back to the website where they will fill out a lead form. Here are a few facts about Google ad remarketing:

  1. Google remarketing ads actually tend to become more effective with more impressions, instead of suffering from ad fatigue like on some other platforms.
  2. In the financial services industry, it takes someone an average of 2.35 website visits to convert.
  3. Users who return to a site have a better chance to convert – remarketing raises the conversion rate from 1% to 5%.
  4. Remarketing has a relatively low cost per click: The finance industry benchmark is $1.03 per click.[1]
  5. Google ad remarketing budgets are based on a few factors, including how much web traffic an advisor sees, and are different for everyone.
  6. We design about 10 size ads for desktop, tablet, and mobile.

When we look at the customer’s journey, we see that it’s rarely as straightforward as going to someone’s website and signing up for a review on the spot. They will likely visit more than once, and they may see a Facebook ad campaign or hear a radio spot in between visits. Google ad remarketing helps to bring the advisor to the forefront of users’ minds on yet another platform that everyone frequents – the internet – and work with other platforms like Facebook. We can take an audience who had interacted with an advisor’s Facebook post or Facebook ad campaign after going to their website and show them ads that will bring them back to the advisor’s website.

Lone Beacon knows that it is imperative to create an integrated approach to marketing because marketing elements are more effective when they work together and are part of a larger ecosystem. We know that Google ad remarketing alone is not enough to increase leads, which is why we aim to always have multiple channel campaigns. A quality website is a necessity as well, which is why we build websites that encourage engagement and capture leads. We’ve seen over time that the more website traffic an advisor has, the greater potential for conversions. As we continue to grow our marketing ecosystem to include more elements, we always have to remember the basics and build strong foundations. Talk to us to find out how we could help you improve your marketing efforts!

[1]  Based on 2020 WordStream Google Ads benchmarks.