While news sources tend to highlight major, seemingly unsolvable problems, advisors can present solutions using content. Many workers over 50 have lost their jobs in the last six months, and that may mean more early retirements. There’s a growing trend of private companies offering their workers pension buyouts, or different ways of receiving their pensions, which means many workers have important decisions to make soon. Advisors can address this need for expert advice by offering specific content that covers the decisions someone could have to make and providing some possible solutions.

The Latest Downloadable Guide: Pensions, Buyouts & Retirement Income

Identify Problems, Provide SolutionsThe topics of pensions and how to use a 401(k) is an ideal opportunity to showcase the value of expert advice tailored to the individual. Our new Pensions, Buyouts & Retirement Income Guide focuses on people who have pensions and are deciding between taking payments over their lifetime or a lump sum. It covers pension trends in the private sector, annuity options, and what to consider when offered a pension buyout. It also includes helpful content for people without a pension, and what they can do with their 401(k) after they’ve left their job.

These are all important financial decisions that could affect someone for the rest of their life. And although those nearing and in retirement may be able to get the basics facts from their company, they don’t have someone to provide them with expert advice on what decisions would be best for them specifically, and how they fit into their overall retirement plan. For example, the guide covers the tax benefits of Roth conversions and using a lump sum to buy an annuity. It’s important for those nearing and in retirement to understand the effects their decisions will have on their tax burden, but unless they have a professional looking at their overall financial situation, they may not fully know what they are.

The Value of Expertise

 At a time when the media offers a constant and often overwhelming amount of information and conflicting messages, financial advisors can be an important source of information and guidance for their clients and prospects. They can offer a different perspective than newscasters who can lack expertise in financial matters, and they focus on their specific clientele’s problems. Whether they’re offering analysis of what’s going on with the market or explaining how new legislation could affect a retiree, it’s important for advisors to position themselves as thought leaders during troubling times. Retirees have more decisions to make than ever, and there’s opportunity for advisors to highlight the importance and value of expert advice.

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