We’ve seen from our own research that trust is the most important quality Baby Boomers are looking for in their retirement advisor. The best way to earn your prospects’ trust is by positioning yourself as a thought leader by releasing relevant content such as weekly blogs and radio shows. Lone Beacon’s extensive content library is now easier to access than ever on our exclusive client portal. Here’s why our advisors see better results with this content.

Content Allows Advisors to Create a Personal Connection

Readers and listeners can come to feel like they have a personal connection with our advisors when they’re reading content every week or listening to them on the radio over a period of time. In our radio scripts, advisors are prompted to frame financial problems in terms anyone can understand and to address the emotional side of financial concerns. The weekly blogs include lifestyle content geared towards high-net-worth people over 50 and their unique concerns, always showcasing the importance of professional help.

Timely Content is More Engaging

We saw during the pandemic that timely content is particularly engaging because it speaks to the topics already front of mind for Baby Boomers. Much of the information and messages presented by the news can cause people to panic, but not necessarily to consider what they can do to protect themselves. When record daily drops dominate headlines and every minute brings a new change, people become overwhelmed with the amount of information out there. Within our client content portal, advisors can get access to new content every week that picks out the most important points and explain their effects in non-technical terms for their audience. This kind of engaging and useful content helps to build trust over time.

Delivers a Unified Message

One major benefit of getting all of your content from one source is that it works together to create a unified message across platforms. Radio, blog, and downloadable guides drive the same messages home to an audience, making them more memorable and impactful. Now is the perfect time for financial advisors to act as thought leaders and build trust with their audiences, and using Lone Beacon’s completed and compliance-ready content makes this easier.  Get in touch with us to learn how to get access to our client portal and our new content offerings!