Lone Beacon is proud to announce that one of our longest advisor relationships, SHP Financial, was featured on Michael Kitces’s Financial Advisor Success Podcast.

During the show, Derek Gregoire, Co-Founder of SHP Financial, discusses the centralized execution of multiple marketing strategies. The Lone Beacon and SHP Financial partnership has helped increase the amount of prospective client leads through the utilization of marketing funnels across a wide variety of mediums that drives prospects into action.

We work with a company locally called Lone Beacon and they’re amazing at the nurturing of our clients and our prospect list,” Gregoire said on the podcast. “From a high-level standpoint, it’s very nurturing, it’s very brand-oriented, and it’s not super salesy.

Derek went on to say about Lone Beacon, “The value of Lone Beacon is they only work in the financial space, so they know our business really well, and they have a full team of…it’s almost like having a marketing team, as opposed to just access to one person.

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