Lone Beacon Proudly Expands Partnership with Act On

Lone Beacon is widely known as the nation’s preeminent marketing automation firm in the financial industry and we’ve expanded our partnership with one of America’s leading software companies, Act-On.

 Not only are we recognized by Act-On as a “go-to-market” partner, but they have recently created custom software enhancements exclusive to Lone Beacon. These proprietary enhancements now allow us to deliver an entirely unmatched client onboarding process across the entire industry.  

These new proprietary deployments allow us to prioritize comprehensive, industry-leading database marketing best practices for each of our clients. Here is the beauty of it – this is achieved while simultaneously enabling our clients to go-to-market with new digital content at lightning speed, generating new leads.

Marcus Roth Director of Marketing Automation & Analytics

Our clients already see email marketing performance metrics at more than double industry benchmarks, but we wanted to further press this advantage. We wanted to prioritize database marketing even further for our clients…so we turned to Act-On.

With this priority in mind, Lone Beacon started a unique conversation with our partners over at Act-On. In collaboration with the software engineering department of Act-On, we identified key features we wanted to see added to our Act-On configuration that would improve our already successful and proven system.

These custom features will be a unique asset that Lone Beacon will leverage on behalf of our clients to ensure that every one of our clients stays at the forefront of digital marketing best practices and industry performance.