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Are you looking for a way to get new leads and re-engage your current database? Maybe you’ve thought about writing a book or have already put some general thoughts together. But, you don’t have the time or the desire to write the entire thing, design a book cover, get it published, and distribute it effectively. This is fair – it can be a labor-intensive and expensive process. We understand this, as well as the benefits of presenting your client and prospects with branded written material, which is why we created our eBook platform. Our eBooks offer valuable information on a variety of financial and retirement planning topics that prospects are willing to exchange their contact information to read. Here’s how it works and the numbers that prove this platform’s success.

The Three Books

 Rather than cover every retirement topic under the sun in one book, we split up content into three books: The Basics of Retirement Investing, The Basics of Annuities, and the High Net Worth Investor Edition. The first book gives the audience an overview of the most important parts of a retirement plan, from Social Security to tax minimization, to help them understand how you can assist them with each part. The Basics of Annuities explains the benefit of guaranteed income from annuities, a topic that is frequently misunderstood. The High Net Worth Investor Edition aims at drawing in the high net worth prospects who can help advisors grow their businesses faster by speaking directly to their financial planning needs.

What’s the Track Record?

To give you a sense of how effective this strategy can be, let’s look at the track record for 2020. So far this year, advisors reached an average of 17,000 people with the eBook platform and got an average of 80 leads for an average cost per lead of $32. Advisors also added valuable first-party data to their databases whenever a new prospect downloads the book. Next, let’s explain how we market the book series.

Customized to You

Each book comes with a place for advisors to write their own forward, and their name on the front cover. This can be an opportunity to tell their personal story, financial planning philosophy, or what is unique about their advisory. Books are also visually customized throughout and include the firm’s own disclosure statements. Purchase of the eBook marketing program can also include licensing rights for the digital version of the book series, and a corresponding monthly marketing program that we install and manage.

The Marketing Program 

As important as the eBook is, the strategy for promoting it is equally important. We house the eBooks on a tailored landing page on each advisor’s site that collects the contact information of everyone who downloads it. We can also offer creative design for artwork images to be used across a website, email, and social media. One way to connect with new prospects and engage existing ones is through a Facebook campaign. We can offer elements for a comprehensive Facebook campaign, as well as radio and TV commercial scripts to promote the eBook via traditional broadcast.

It’s more important than ever for advisors to be at the forefront of their clients’ and prospects’ minds. They can offer comfort and solutions in a time of uncertainty, nurture their prospects with educational material, and present themselves as an expert with professionally written and easy to understand content. Get in touch with us to find out more about our eBook platform and how it could work for you!


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