“SEO” stands for Search Engine Optimization, and it seems like everyone claims they’re an expert at it. But, beware because not all SEO is the same, especially when it comes to the intricacies of working with independent financial advisors.

You’ve probably been bombarded throughout the year with solicitations from SEO providers promising top page rankings and greater visibility. That sounds great until you realize it doesn’t solve your problem of getting new leads. What you really need is an integrated approach that fits into your overall marketing strategy. With that, you’ll not only have greater visibility, but also a seamless strategy to capture and convert more prospects.

At Lone Beacon Media, we do things differently, even when it comes to executing SEO campaigns. We know how important it is to stay vigilant, especially when Google tends to change its complex search algorithm’s over 500 times a year. That’s why in addition to performing routine updates, our strategy is to make sure your SEO is designed to work seamlessly with your overall marketing mix. Here’s how we can help you enhance your overall online presence and work to capture and convert more prospects:

    • Evaluate Organic Search Traffic
      • Identify monthly trends among visitors:
          • Source of visit, page visited, location of the visitor
    • Review Local, Google Search Statistics
        • How are users searching for your business?
        • What actions are taken as a result of the search?
    • Current Rankings By Relative Keywords
      • Devise strategies to specifically target and outrank the competition
    • Creating Original Content
      • Weekly blog posts on-site and to Social Media with relative images, captions, titles, keywords, links, descriptions, and proper tags
  • Ongoing Maintenance with Monthly Reporting
    • Utilize specific metrics to help tailor future campaigns that align with existing marketing strategies

Contact Us today to see if our unique approach to SEO fits for you and your business. Plus, we’ll share with you some sample monthly campaigns and their respective reports, along with your free consultation!