Advisor Production Growth


While we might not have realized it at the start of the pandemic, our worlds have fundamentally changed. The shifts that have occurred in the past year will forever impact the way we communicate in our personal and professional lives, the way we shop, consume entertainment, and our need for constant and reliable information. We recognize these trends and understand that the people who successfully emerge from times of upheaval are those who also recognize them and respond. That’s what we did in 2020. The result? On average, Lone Beacon’s clients increased average production by nearly 20% in 2020. Here’s how:

Meeting the Challenges of 2020

After a year of firsts, many advisors were left questioning how they were going to match their 2019 production, let alone surpass it. For advisors, the pandemic meant losing the ability to build close relationships with clients and potential clients through traditional dinner seminars and in-office meetings. For advisors who primarily or solely relied on this marketing method, the carpet was totally pulled out from under them. The turbulent times forced advisors to adapt and:

  1. Host Virtual Meetings With Clients
  2. Cancel In-Person Seminars
  3. Find New Digital Marketing Techniques

Increase and Refine Digital Presence

 While some firms had not fully embraced the digital prior to the pandemic, some had some kind of digital strategy already in place. The best firms didn’t need to change what they were doing, they just refined their already strong digital presence to maximize their lead generation. We helped those firms by:

  1. Creating Custom Downloadable Content
  2. Producing Full Webinars
  3. Increasing Advisors’ Digital Presence Across Facebook & Google

By creating timely, relevant downloadable and webinar content about the market, investing strategies and options, and later the 2020 election, we put our advisors at the forefront of their audience’s minds during uncertain times. At the same time, Facebook and Google campaigns increased leads and collected valuable first-party data.

Even when the pandemic is completely over, virutal communications and digital engagement will remain. The skills that many Baby Boomers have developed in the last year to connect over video chat platforms will remain. And, the need for advisors to have a comprehensive marketing strategy will remain. Get in touch to see how we could help you improve your marketing practices and increase your average production!

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