Success Story: Email Marketing


In 2020, we delivered 4 Million emails for our clients.
▪ LB Drove 13K Total Form Submissions on-site
▪ Total Guide Downloads= 5,363
▪ Total Webinar/Event Registrations= 6,141
▪ Total Meeting Requests= 2,061
▪ Total Newsletter Signups= 950

On average, our clients emails out performed Industry Benchmarks:
▪ 26.21% Lone Beacon Open Rate
▪ Outperformed Industry Open Rate by 13.95%
▪ 15.33% Lone Beacon Click-Through Rate
▪ Outperformed Industry Click-Through Rates by 7.62%

For the past 7 years, we have been executing & analyzing emails on behalf of our clients every week. As a result of our extensive analysis, we identified 5 core tenants for successful email strategies that can help you nurture prospects and break through inbox clutter. These core tenants are:

  1. Database List Maintenance
  2. Active Lead Tracking & Scoring
  3. Proven Calls to Action
  4. Ergonomic Design
  5. Timely & Relevant Content