When stay-at-home measures made the traditional dinner seminar impossible, we created an alternative: The webinar. We’ve seen enormous success and conducted research to see which type of webinar (on-demand or scheduled) was more successful. Here’s what we found:

Baby Boomers Have Taken to Videos

Social distancing & stay-at-home orders have been a catalyst to make Baby Boomers one of the fastest growing users for video conferencing for personal and business use. Consider these facts:

  • Over 50% of Baby Boomers Would Not Attend An In-Person Event During COVID-19.1
  • 68% Of Baby Boomers Are Active on Facebook.2
  • 47.6% of Baby Boomers Watched a Video About the Topic Of Interest, When Searching/Using Social Media, and 46.5% Watched When Searching/Using Online Search Engines.3

Measuring Success

The limitation of in-person seminars and workshops has created the need for alternative options for communication. This has accelerated the migration for “active digital engagement”. Those advisors who have committed to “virtual seminars” (webinars) have been able to maintain a larger lead-flow than those who did not. To see how effective webinars were, and how effective different viewing experiences were, we measured performance using these 5 Core Data Points:

  • Total Registrations
  • Registrations by Source
  • Attendance Rate
  • Percentage of Webinar Viewed
  • Appointments Requested/Set

On-Demand vs Scheduled

We conducted a recent study that included 30+ webinars across a total of 21 different U.S markets, and this is what we learned:
Financial Advisor Webinars

Even when COVID is completely gone, webinars and videos will remain an important part of engagement. They don’t have to act as replacements in-person events, but rather as another platform to bring new people an advisor’s funnel and help close existing business. As we continue to build out our webinar offerings, we collect the 5 Core Data Points to measure success and inform our next move. Get in touch to find out how we can provide webinar content and promotion services to get your marketing efforts up to speed in 2021!