The 2020 Election and Your Retirement WebinarAmidst global financial crisis and unprecedented obstacles, Lone Beacon remains resolute and committed to identifying and relentlessly capitalizing on growth for our clients. There is no doubt: traditional seminars and face-to-face appointments have drastically changed during this period of widespread social distancing, but the need for steadfast financial help has never been greater.

This is especially true during election season when retirees are wondering how the outcome could affect their financial future. Advisors will of course want to take this opportunity to communicate with their prospects, but large in-person gatherings may not be feasible. Instead, the most effective way to reopen lines of communication is through digital platforms – specifically, The Webinar. Lone Beacon recently completed a new webinar on the election and its financial impacts.

Our “The 2020 Election and Your Retirement” webinar covers timely topics such as each candidate’s plan for the Social Security program and taxes, how the stock market has performed in response to elections in the past, and how the state of the market and economy just before an election has indicated a winner in the past. It discusses strategies for minimizing taxes throughout retirement and facing market volatility, as well as warns against making financial decisions based on political views. This content doesn’t explicitly or implicitly endorse one candidate over another, but instead focuses on how those nearing and in retirement can improve their odds no matter who wins.

Much like a well-diversified portfolio, Lone Beacon knows that it is imperative to create an integrated approach in marketing. Marketing elements are more effective when they work together and are part of a larger marketing ecosystem. We give as much thought to how to promote our content as the content creation so that our advisors can see maximum ROI. We think that if you’re going to do a webinar, you should do it right. That’s why in addition to the webinar presentation itself Lone Beacon provides the following marketing elements:

  • Webinar Landing Page
  • Social Media Ads
  • Social Media Campaign Management
  • Email Templates
  • Custom Branded Election Guide

Lone Beacon has the ability to not only learn from its 1st party data on-hand but to apply strategic improvements based on it.  That, coupled with national empirical data as well as data from specific advisories across the country, led Lone Beacon to perform a new study and analysis on recent webinar metrics. Our Webinar Case Study looks at data from 25 webinars to assess the success of on-demand vs scheduled webinars and the webinar platform in general – read to find out what we learned.

The 2020 Election and Your Retirement” is the most recent Lone Beacon webinar, and there are more to come: Soon we will offer an additional Webinar on Medicare and Long-Term Care. Come have a conversation with us to get your marketing efforts back on track in the digital age.