When it comes to the financial advisory business, it can seem like it’s all about leads. Leads beget prospects which beget clients for your business.

But here’s the thing. Lead generation isn’t the first step, customer service is. Without outstanding customer service that responds to and genuinely engages your prospective clients, you won’t have leads.

Answer the following questions to see if your customer service is good enough to achieve your sales goals:

  • Are you comparing your customer’s experience against ALL other industries?
    • In today’s competitive world, we are always compared to customer’s opinions of their best customer experience regardless of the industry.
  • Are you being honest about realistic user experience expectations?
    • Advisors tend to either promise a lot or are vague when it comes to customer service expectations. Simple, basic service tenets and expectations are what matter…and are much easier to manage. You can and should delight the customer with an amazing experience and with realistic aims.
  • Do you have a specific plan for Year-1 of your customer journey?
    • We spend a lot of time walking prospects through our sales and onboarding process.  It’s at least as important to have a plan to constantly communicate with them within their first year… This is also the best time to get referrals.

The reality is that without exceptional customer service, you won’t get the quantity and quality of leads you expect.

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