By Craig Foster, Director of Digital Media

When working with your marketing partners, are they providing you with a one-size-fits-all solution to your digital marketing? Are they using the same solution with their largest budget client as they are with their smallest budget client? Are they looking at what factors make your business different from their other clients and your competitors?

Lone Beacon understands that every client is different, and we need to approach how to set the right budgets, variety of campaigns and platforms based on their individual needs. We look at several factors when making this decision in consultation with our clients, including: What is going on in the world today that could affect their business? What is going on in their industry? What are their specific strengths and weaknesses and how can we leverage or improve these to fit their needs? Once we understand these factors, because we know that there is no one-size-fits-all solution, we need to work closely with the client to create the right marketing mix for them.

That mix for each client should include a digital marketing program that takes a multi-channel approach to find the right leads for our financial advisor clients. This approach should include campaigns being run on Google, Facebook, and LinkedIn as a primary platforms for lead generation. Each of these platforms serve a different purpose to drive leads to each part of the sales funnel. A well-rounded approach will also include remarketing and the proper email and texting sequences to help move those leads down the funnel until they ultimately become clients.

As part of understanding our clients, the process of selecting the right budget is a collaborative approach that considers the uniqueness of each client: We uncover their client avatar (their ideal client), their overall market size using the picture of that avatar, and several data tools we have available. We then match that data up to the market size of similar clients, and we assess the client’s goals and infrastructure to choose the proper budget that leads to the overall campaign mix. 

With every one of our client’s campaigns, getting the lead is just the start. We also need to make sure as part of the process that good follow-up procedures are in place that will help make sure that the lead converts to a sale. This process includes: 

  • Timely phone calls to reach the lead as quickly as possible 
  • Texting follow-up for all campaigns  
  • Utilizing our Eye-Dentified platform to enrich the information we give the client about the prospect  
  • Email and content marketing follow-ups that can keep the prospect engaged  
  • Aggressive pushes to schedule meetings using texting and appointment schedulers 

Our marketing philosophy ensures we look at the unique needs of those we do business with to find and convert the right leads that create the right clients for them. 

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