Having an up-to-date and robust social media presence is an inexpensive and effective way for advisors and institutions to boost their visibility to potential customers and existing clients who may not know who you are or what your business is all about. It is an important element in the 21st century of building awareness for yourself as an expert in your field and your business itself which can build credibility that can turn into revenue.

While signing-up for a social media profile is easy, using it an effective way can be more of a mystery. Here are some tips to understanding and upgrading your social media presence.

The Connection vs. Engagement Paradigm
Social media engagement is the measurement of comments, likes, and shares on posts that you make. It can be easy to get discouraged when first beginning to utilize your social media profile, perhaps only garnering a few likes and comments. However, you should be aware that most social media marketing experts agree that a solid engagement rate is between 1% – 3%

Here are some engagement rate benchmarks across social media for ’21 – ‘22, according to Socialinsider:

  • Facebook: 0.13%
  • LinkedIn: 0.35%
  • Twitter: 0.05%
  • Instagram: 0.83%

So how does one determine their engagement rate? Most social media influencers measure engagement using a formula called Engagement Rate by Post, which is calculate thusly: A Post’s Engagement Rate = Engagements ÷ Total Followers X 100. You can then find the average by adding up all posts and dividing by the number of posts.

Consistent Content is Key
Once you understand what constitutes solid engagement, you’ll need to post content consistently across your social media platforms to garner that engagement. Consistency is key: Try to post something 3 – 4 times a week and have the content vary.

  • Short Videos: Have some thoughts around current events and how they might affect the market or your clients? Use your phone to record a short minute or two giving your thoughts to blast out to your followers. Don’t worry about it being too polished. People want to hear your expertise on a topic and when it comes to social media, they don’t need fancy backgrounds and polished editing, they just want the facts. On a practical level, it’s simply not worth the time and expense in the fast-moving environment of social media.
  • Articles: Did you read an interesting article that you feel would offer value to your followers? Don’t be afraid to share it with a few of your editorial thoughts. If you found the article to be a good read, chances are those within your social media circle will as well. Just be careful it’s not behind a paywall.
  • Business Updates: Keeping clients and potential prospects abreast of new services you may offer, staff additions and promotions, and simpler things like being closed for an upcoming holiday are an effective way to keep people in the loop about your business and shows you’re always working to evolve and improve and never resting on your laurels.
  • Personal Updates: On your personal profile, don’t be afraid to share pictures from your latest family vacation or a recent wedding you attended. Posts about your personal life can help followers feel like they know you, view you as more trustworthy, and thus potentially more likely to do business with you. They can help you come across as more than just a business owner, but as a human being.

Engagement is a Two-Way Street
If the end goal is getting people to engage with your content, then engaging with the content of your followers is more likely to have them reciprocate and do the same for you. Take a few minutes each day to scroll through your social media timeline and like content you find fun or interesting. If someone posts something you have thoughts on, don’t be afraid to do so! It can spark a conversation that can not only show your thoughts on the matter but the followers of those you are engaging with will also see your feedback and might in turn become one of your followers.

Utilizing these tips above is a good way to organically build your social media presence. If you’re curious about more in-depth social media campaigns to produce additional touchpoints to market your business and build highly engaged prospects, Lone Beacon can help you grow your business with engaging social media campaigns. Get in touch today to learn more.