Lone Beacon’s Unmatched Digital Team’s Qualifications

Financial advisors are flocking to the digital media space, but many don’t have the expertise or time to master it. Across our team, Lone Beacon has over 14 official Facebook & Google certifications! Their expertise puts us ahead of the pack and allows Lone Beacon to deliver consistent digital leads our clients can rely on. Here’s how their certifications help us run the most efficient and effective digital campaign possible.

Our Team’s Certifications

As mentioned before, Craig Foster, Digital Media Manager; Zoe Menendez, Digital Media Buyer; and Christie Candrilli, Digital Media Coordinator have a total of 14 Google and Facebook certifications between them. Some of the most important certifications our digital team has are Google display, Google search, Facebook media buying, and Facebook media planning. These focus on developing Google and Facebook ad strategy, maximizing the use of algorithms and the Facebook pixel, and how to measure campaign success and look for optimization opportunities.

When it comes to Google, it’s about maximizing a budget by minimizing cost-per-click and improving your overall rank. This rank is based on several factors, including the quality of your ad copy, overall budget, landing page experience, and SEO. Because we understand that all marketing elements are connected, we can improve our overall rank by maximizing all these factors.

As for Facebook, it’s about maximizing cost-per-lead and gaining impressions. These key metrics are impacted by the quality of your ads, the chosen target audiences, the amount of information you are looking to capture on a given lead, and the ability to adjust campaigns while they are live. Our team not only understands how to adjust all the different levers that dictate campaign success, but they have mastered it for the financial services vertical.

Building a Strong Digital Team

To build a strong digital team, Facebook and Google certification is part of the training process for all new employees.

“Our goal in building out the digital buying team is that we have people who have the right training and expertise to create the best outcomes for our clients. We want someone who has expert level knowledge on Facebook and Google,” says Digital Media Manager Craig Foster.

Having this type of standardized and rigorous training helps everyone to “speak the same language.” Having a shared knowledge base and expertise means that it’s easier to grow our digital team, get more out of each budget, and add new digital media buying services.

The Value to Our Advisors

Ultimately, the time our digital team spends to master this knowledge means getting the most value for our clients. By minimizing the cost-per-click, cost-per-lead, and maximizing budgets, our digital services become more valuable for all our advisors. Get in touch to find out how we can help you run effective and efficient Google and Facebook campaigns!