Are you using current events and topical content to your advantage? When used properly, they can be a powerful tool to help you generate new leads. And we have the results to prove it…

We helped our advisors use the recent election as a relevant way to engage with prospects and clients. We created customized digital campaigns and utilized social media to generate tremendous response for their events. What did your current marketing organization do to help you take advantage of the massive election coverage?

At Lone Beacon Media, we know our client’s simply do not have enough time in the day to get everything done, and strategically plan for their business. That’s why we’re always thinking of proactive ways to help them generate leads and grow revenue.

Here’s how we can create a custom program for you:

1. Select the Appropriate Media Distribution Platforms

  • Broadcast Media (TV, Radio, Podcasts)
  • Digital Media (Email Marketing, Website/Landing Page, Social Media, SEO/M)

2. Create the Messaging and Corresponding Call-To-Action

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3. Implement and Manage the Campaign

  • We strongly oppose the “cookie-cutter” approach
  • Everything we do will be custom-built and tailored based on your firm’s brand, message, unique selling proposition, and ultimately your goals
  • Completely turn-key, other than final approval on the campaigns, you won’t have to lift a finger

4. Monitor and Measure Results

  • See in REAL-TIME who becomes engaged with your campaign
  • See in REAL-TIME who converts or signs up for your campaign

Contact Us Today and we’ll share the details of our current campaigns that are producing massive new leads from qualified prospects, and exponentially growing the share of assets among existing clients.