We build excellent websites for our clients that showcase their best work and give visitors a sense of who the advisor is as a person while being easy to navigate and informational. After multiple years of growth, innovation, and internal transformation, we decided that we needed a website design with just as much thought and personality.

Financial Advisor WebsitesWe often say that an advisor’s website is their storefront, and we applied this to ourselves. “We wanted our new site to show how creative and innovative we are, not just tell,” says Christy Parmenter, who managed the project from beginning to end. “The website reads like a billboard on a highway: Big, short messages, and then if someone wants to know more they can click to find out,” said John Capuano. “Simple is better.”

Our VP of Digital Media, Kirby Mack, built the site with the objective of “capturing the essence of Lone Beacon in a fun bite-sized way that is also respectful of the visitors’ time and purpose. This is why we made it easy to navigate, mobile friendly, and the content clear – straight to the point of who Lone Beacon is, what Lone Beacon does, and more importantly, how we can help you. By the time you leave our website, our goal is to make you feel familiar with Lone Beacon.”

Our new site features a detailed look at all of our services, the story of Lone Beacon, our weekly blog, and a look at who our team is. At the top of the home page is an eye-catching graphic with a to-the-point explanation of what Lone Beacon is and what we do – “a Full-Service marketing company for the financial industry: We connect a generation of people who need financial help to the institutions, manufacturers & advisories that can help them.” Lone Beacon struggled to define itself in the past, since it offered multiple services, and continued to add to the list as time went on. We now organize our services into 9 distinct categories (data, sales, social media, database, paid search, content, website building, broadcast, and branding) and our four core objectives (websites that work, lead generation, marketing automation, and practice management.)Financial Advisor Websites

We also wanted to clearly define who we are as people. Our team page features all of our team members and their bios with a GIF that captures their personalities – there’s everything from furiously typing cats to a dancing Darth Vader. We say that our people are our most precious resource, and define ourselves as hard workers who do “sweat the small stuff” to produce the best results possible.

Designing our own website also gave us perspective on what it’s like for our clients when we build their websites, in terms of how many details go into personalizing it. “It also gave us better sensibility as a customer and how much goes on behind the scenes to make for a good customer experience,” said John. It took a lot of work, but we’re thrilled with the results. Check out our new website to see for yourself!

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