By Craig Foster, Lone Beacon’s Director of Digital Media.

A little while back the Pew Research Center put out a survey that looked at the usage of different social media platforms. This survey looked at usage of YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and other social media platforms. When our team examined the study, a conclusion jumped out to us: Clients should be advertising and posting on YouTube. This would include the potential to simulcast radio shows and podcasts. The chart below illustrates this opportunity. 

According to this chart, 81% of all U.S. adults are currently using YouTube, which is the highest of all platforms that Pew surveyed. Keep in mind that YouTube is considered the #2 search engine on the internet, which means your prospects could be out there searching for the services that you provide on YouTube and could be connecting with your competitor – not you. If you dig a little deeper into the numbers, you will see that 83% of adults between 50-64, the prime market for potential clients in the financial advisory space, is greater than the percentage that is on Facebook! Not to mention that the 65+ audience is the dominant audience that uses Facebook. You will also find that many of the people that use YouTube are college-educated and have a high-income level – another area to target for an additional client base 

When it comes to advertising, the YouTube platform will not only provide direct access to target the right prospects for your business, but it will also allow us to broadcast ads for your firm on the fastest growing video platform: Connected TV (CTV). According to a Forbes article, CTVs are said to be in at least 80% of TV households which is a higher audience penetration rate than cable.  

All this data shows us that YouTube has the potential to be a strong player in generating brand awareness and potentially the right leads for your financial advisory business. 


About the Author: Craig comes to us after 7 years at an agency and working independently in digital marketing, focusing on digital campaign creation and strategy. He did most of his work solving data problems and coming up with data-driven solutions and strategies. Craig grew up in the Boston area and graduated with a BS in Business Administration from Johnson and Wales University. When not working on digital marketing you might find him coaching a CrossFit class or spending time with his daughter.