Want High-Quality, Low-Cost LeadsOne of our most successful marketing campaigns has been the Important Birthdays Package, which uses content relevant to high net worth prospects nearing retirement to build advisors’ credibility and drive low-cost leads. Using Facebook’s birthday filter, we can run highly targeted campaigns on a small budget that produce significant returns: A typical campaign spends $250, and one of our most successful campaigns delivered 47 leads, for a cost per lead of $5.32. Here’s how it’s done.

The Message: 59 ½ is a good age to turn, and this is a good thing to advertise. While much of financial services advertising relies on a “fear factor” about the market, taxes, or new regulation, this campaign focuses on the idea that “age has its privileges,” and that turning 59 ½ opens up significant possibilities for high net worth individuals who opt for professional advice. In a time when many people are leaving their jobs and wondering what to do with their 401(k)s or are worried about the market, this content is a great way for advisors to explain their worth and credibility.

The Delivery: Using Facebook’s birthday filter, we can reach users turning certain ages, allowing the campaign to be highly targeted. The campaign reaches people turning age 59 ½ in that month, offering them a free downloadable guide on with content about that age in exchange for their information. If they click on the ad, they are brought to a custom landing page with information about other important birthdays leading up to and in retirement as well, such as age 65 (the age at which everyone is eligible for Medicare) and 72 (the age at which most people have to start taking Required Minimum Distributions). From here they can further explore the advisor’s website and download more content.

Why It Works: This campaign acts to both bring people new prospects into the sales funnel and drive prospects down the sales funnel, all for a very low cost per lead. Our best performing campaign with a cost per lead of $5.32 wasn’t an outlier: Our best 10 campaigns had an average cost per lead of $7.64. Additionally, Facebook campaigns allow us to collect first-party data instead of lower quality purchased data from a third-party, and continue marketing to prospects who interacted with the ad but did not immediately sign up for a review.

For a budget of $250, we would say the campaign was successful in raising our advisors’ profiles and generating highly-engaged leads at a low cost. When we create a piece of content, we’re not only thinking about what it says and how it looks, but how it can be used to attract new prospective clients on multiple platforms and help build an advisor’s credibility. Get in touch with us to find out how we can create an Important Birthdays campaign for you and boost your overall marketing efforts!