We’re so proud to be entering YEAR-10 in Business!  We’ve gone from interlopers in the financial space to true thought leaders.  Today, we work with the biggest advisories and institutions in America, generate BILLIONS of dollars worth of leads, help guide our clients run more efficient and scalable organizations. But the thing that we’re most proud of is our team… by far.

Here are some things that helped our business and maybe they can help yours:

Your staff is more important than your clients and everyone is a CEO of their own work.

Communicate consistently and transparently. We live in a world where information is accessible and that’s what people expect.

Be curious: Seek out new things and always ask why and why not.

Be urgent and patient at the same time. Plans take time to unfold but we can always create a sense of urgency for the things that we’re doing today that will affect tomorrow.

Be confident that in many circumstances, you’re the smartest in the room… But prove it. It’s called Blue Ocean strategy.

Seek out situations to find smarter people than you and learn from them.

Speed Wins… our world is fast and faster beats slower every time since the beginning of time.

Hope you can grab some takeaways, and cheers to a magnificent 2023 ahead!

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