Media Buying, Management, and
Production: The Most Experienced
Staff in the Financial Industry

Lone Beacon Broadcast Services

Get more ROI from your media spend, from beginning to end we have you covered!

Experience Matters

With broadcasting backgrounds and deep industry experience at the highest levels, we know the game from the inside out. We know the inner workings of stations, who does what, how decisions are made, and what to ask for.

Lone Beacon Media Management Services


The Lone Beacon media team has spent careers managing media sales departments, so we know what to ask for and what is possible when negotiating a media deal. We know the value of placing the right media schedule with the proper amount of reach, frequency, and impressions.

Lone Beacon Direct Response Ad Services


We have worked with the biggest Direct Response advertisers in the world and know exactly how to deliver a compelling call to action. Whether you are “the star” of your commercial or if our voice over talent does it, we will make sure your message stands out to your prospects.

Lone Beacon Show Services


We have created and produced some of America’s most successful syndicated financial shows. We will make your show sound uniquely “yours,” offer you easy-to-follow content, and assemble it seamlessly.

Lone Beacon Content Services


Our interactive web portal allows you to download a new show each week including an opening commentary, specific theme, and all rejoiners. You can also create your own themed show by selecting show-segments from our archive of hundreds of shows.