Data, Action, Learning, Analytics

A True Data-Driven
Marketing Strategy

Financial Advisor Data Aggregation - DALA

We all have data at our fingertips that can empower us…but only if we use it. The Lone Beacon DALA system allows us to recognize and execute strategic variables that give our clients and us a competitive edge.

Instead of relying on a gut feeling or incomplete data, take the next step by using a truly data-driven marketing strategy for key marketing investment and execution decisions. With DALA, we can understand everything you need to know through our data visualization and reporting platforms, from a deep-dive view of marketing campaign funnels to each individual buyer’s journey.

We have created “The Eye Intelligence”, the only software that aggregates, delivers, and calculates data to advisors from coast to coast. This allows us to mine thousands of data points at once that provides information from a single campaign in a single market, to nationally aggregated data from multiple advisory firms at once.

Financial Advisor DataDATA

Data is everywhere, but we painstakingly mine specific data-sets that are most useful to us.

Data Aggregation for Financial AdvisorsACTION

We take the data-driven actions to maximize your ROI in marketing channels and campaigns as a whole.

Financial Advisor DataLEARNING

Via a thorough vetting process we are able to establish useful, first party information that can guide us toward empirical data.

Financial Advisor AnalyticsAnalytics

The process of aggregating data takes time but it gives us the information to identify gaps and opportunities.