Dissecting the Dangers Of “Classic Internet Marketing” Copywriting

By Marcus Roth, Director of Marketing Automation & Analytics There are many ways to draft high converting marketing copy on newsletters and sales pages. Over the early development of the internet, one style of copywriting quickly rose to the top of the heap. In this article, we’re going to break [...]

Immersion to Conversion Webinar

Immersion to Conversion Webinar: How Elite Advisors Generate & Close Digital Business As industry leading experts, Lone Beacon helps elite financial advisors across across the country grow their business with proven marketing strategies focused on the various touchpoints of a prospects journey to becoming a [...]

Our Tips for Advertising on Facebook

There’s a reason why over 6 million businesses use Facebook ads to reach their target audiences,[1] but there aren’t many companies figuring out the art and science of using the platform within your vertical to reach the 50+ demographic. We actively study the Facebook advertising landscape, analyze our results, and [...]

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New Facebook Advertising Opportunities

As social distancing measures prevent people from seeing their friends and family and lead to a sense of isolation, more Facebook users are messaging, posting, and consuming content. Facebook is currently experiencing record usage but decreased advertising demand. What does this mean? Opportunity. The travel and film industries have made [...]

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Our “Birthday” Campaign

In our quest to bring down the cost of leads and make full use of our high-quality content, we decided to run Facebook campaigns targeting high net worth individuals turning an age significant to financial advisors – 59 ½. The idea was simple: At 59 ½, anyone with a 401(k), [...]

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Financial Advisor Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing Build Your Reputation, Educate, Entertain Whether you know it or not, YOU are in the digital business. Digital platforms connect everything you do every day, and it’s how your prospects communicate, learn, get entertained, and make decisions. Elite advisories incorporating digital into every single thing [...]

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