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Texting has several advantages. To start, it allows you to literally be in a prospect’s pocket: Most people have direct access to their cell phones the majority of the time and read 90% of text messages within three minutes of receiving them[1]. Texting is a more personal and immediate way of communicating than email, as it’s usually reserved for friends and family. There is less competition when it comes to texts vs email: Someone may have just a few text conversations going, but get too many emails to open from countless brands, plus work-related emails.

People generally feel more comfortable giving a company their email address than their phone number. But, when they do offer their phone number, texting them can be an effective way of communicating. We originally started out by using text messages to confirm event sign-ups and send out reminders. Signing up for events or webinars can seem impersonal, and can easily be forgotten by someone with a busy schedule. Sending a text to confirm that their spot was reserved and then remind them the day before the event helps build trust in a virtual world and reinforce the commitment.

Our Weekly Texting Platform 

Our new texting platforms help promote content and establish a relationship with prospects. We start off by collecting phone numbers through a custom landing page that allows clients and prospects to sign up for text alerts. Once a week, we send a piece of content such as a short YouTube clip of the advisor, or their latest radio show. This gives the impression that the advisor wants to share their content with that person specifically.

We’ve also created an interactive texting campaign, where we ask which topic the user would like to learn more about – taxes, recent legislation, Social Security, or Long-Term Care. Users can then respond and receive a link to the advisor’s site where they can download a guide on that topic. This is a great way to drive engagement and tailor marketing efforts to the individual.

Text vs Email

Weekly text messages don’t replace weekly emails, but they can highlight one aspect of the email and better capture someone’s attention. A weekly email may have a lot going on, between links to the advisor’s radio show, a new blog, a guide offer, or information about office openings or closures, and may not be opened every week by every prospect. Text messages can put one of those elements front and center on the device everyone looks at the most.

It’s more important than ever for advisors to be at the forefront of their clients’ and prospects’ minds. With text messages, they can offer specific content based on someone’s interests, or remind them that they’ve signed up for their webinar. Being the voice and face people hear and see on their personal screens can replace some of the sense of intimacy lost during this time of social distancing. Get in touch to find out how Lone Beacon is driving engagement and generating leads for our clients.

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