marketingA big part of our job at Lone Beacon is to provide engaging and authentic content to our advisors.  In a time when there is SO much content available, the challenge becomes separating our clients from the pack.

We want to make it easy for people to read their emails or visit their site to get news and information that allows our advisors to stand out.  As consumers of online news ourselves, we realized that less is more: There are thousands of content pieces out there on every financial topic, but only some of them are relevant to the target audience and of high quality. That’s why we created the “Money News to Use” platform, which presents the five best articles on a topic every month on our advisor’s site.

Our “Money News to Use” page is the newest addition to our content offerings. It begins with a message stating that “knowledge is power,” and that the advisor knows “most people don’t have time to sift through hundreds of articles to find the most relevant and helpful ones, which is why I do it for you!” Each month features five articles on a specific topic, and the footer of each article page is a picture of our advisor with a CTA for a free review. After less than two months, we’ve gotten 129 clicks, plus review sign ups directly from the page.

Just like all of our new initiatives, the “Money News to Use” platform is part of a larger marketing ecosystem. The theme of the month is timely and planned in advance so that it ties in with blog, email, and radio content. October was market volatility, November is long-term care, and December will be end-of-year tax planning. We also monitor the interest level of each article. Examples of articles that have been particularly popular are “Has Market Volatility Stressed You Out? Here are 5 Ways to Help You Calm Down” and “Alternatives to Long-Term Care Insurance”. Not only can we use this information to improve the “Money News to Use” platform, but also to guide choice of topics for blogs, email, and radio content.

We’re confident that the new platform will raise our advisors’ profiles, and drive engagement. In an age with more content than anyone could read in a lifetime, the real challenge is filtering out the best from the crowd. An advisor who shows he or she can do this effectively can establish themselves as a go-to source for their target audience, bringing more prospects into the sales funnel and pushing them down it.