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How to Write Better Headlines as a Financial Advisor

August 3, 2022|Advertising, Blogs, Marketing|

By Marcus Roth, Lone Beacon's Senior Director of Data, Automation & Content. In part two of this series on benefits-driven copywriting for financial advisors I am going to dive into specific examples of what good benefits-driven writing looks like for independent financial advisors, how to convey benefits quickly, and common [...]


The Facts About Real World Marketing for the Financial Advisory in the 21st Century

July 28, 2022|Business Metrics, Digital Marketing, Facebook, Lead Generation|

Hint...We live in a digital age Attention financial industry: It’s time to invest in your own future. You might have noticed that every one of your prospects and clients are glued to a smartphone. So, why is the industry who wants people to invest “for the long-term” so quick to [...]


Advisors Talk “Process”, Clients Want Outcome

July 22, 2022|Brand Building, Practice Management, Sales|

Market your outcome, not your process. Every financial advisory firm is trained to “lead with their MULTI-STEP PROCESS” when they are talking to a new prospect. The reality is that most prospects want to hear about the OUTCOME and what that outcome means for them. The two biggest variables that [...]


10 Steps to Take Before Your Next Retirement Event

July 15, 2022|Digital Marketing, Event Marketing|

Event leads are a critical part of any financial advisor or institution’s external marketing initiatives, and among the most popular ways to get eyeball-to-eyeball with prospects to show them your expertise and convince them to do business with you. We’ve discussed why event leads are some of the hottest leads [...]


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