We’re excited to welcome the newest member of our team, Craig Foster! Craig comes to us with a wealth of experience in digital marketing and with a new perspective on how to grow our services. Here’s a bit about his background and what he hopes to accomplish at Lone Beacon.

Craig comes to us after spending 7 years at an agency and working independently in digital marketing, focusing on campaign creation and strategy. He did most of his work at a bigger agency where he “looked at problems and came up with strategies based on data.” This included examining new client processes to increase efficiency and bringing new products and services to market.

He hopes to help us improve upon the data provided to our advisors and continue working toward telling a clear story of how marketing efforts are impacting them. Part of this includes automating some of our manual data aggregation and putting together more advanced analytics. The purpose behind automated and advanced analytics is to put more relevant and easily digested information into the hands of our clients so that they can better understand how their marketing dollars are being spent, and how individual campaigns are working.

Craig will be a significant asset as we create a more proactive digital marketing strategy, update our targeting and creative, and expand to more platforms. Don Kwak, our Director of Marketing Technology and Analytics will be working closely with Craig. He says that Craig will bring valuable expertise of several digital platforms. His knowledge of Google Ads will allow us to expand our offerings to include more Google Ad campaigns, and his Facebook advertising experience will help us to continue developing our already successful social media campaigns.

Some of the platforms we are considering expanding to are Google Ads, as mentioned, and YouTube. Craig has experience in both, in industries such as automotive dealerships where brands must spend a long time building trust and recognition before buyers commit to them. He has ideas for how to do that by focusing on retargeting for Google and Facebook ads. Retargeting is the concept of serving a prospect ads after that prospects visit an advisor’s website to build brand awareness and keep advisors at the forefront of their minds.

Craig has started his new role remotely, which he says is not too different from working in the office – there are still a lot of meetings and a lot learn. “It’s not the first time I’ve onboarded remotely. One plus is that I can take 5 minute breaks to see my 6-month old daughter in between meetings,” he says.

We look forward to working with Craig and seeing how he can elevate Lone Beacon to the next level in social media and digital marketing. Get in touch to learn about our new digital initiatives!


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