We met in New York while working for one of the most legendary radio brands in the history of broadcasting, WOR. It was there, many years ago, that we learned about branding, direct response marketing, and the most valuable lesson of all: ‘how to engage and convert affluent baby boomers.’ This environment led to success in creating smart programming that attracted an audience for…and advertisers in the financial space.

The only problem was the financial world had been underserved from a marketing standpoint. Marketing firms and ad agencies didn’t understand the business, the demo, or compliance, which left those in it with poor choices. So that’s why we started Lone Beacon.

We built our company for one reason: to connect mass-affluent investors with advisories who can truly help them. Our understanding of their buying behavior, media habits, and appetite for content is unmatched in the financial world. Today we work with the most elite advisories and financial institutions in America by creating and managing compelling online and broadcast content, nurturing people through the buying cycle, and helping our clients achieve goals they could only imagine when they began their journey.

John Capuano and Greg Dinetz